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PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2006 9:49 pm  Reply with quoteBack to top

Posted by: UfoAndromeda@aol.com

'The Secret' Revealed


You've probably already begun to see the trailers for an upcoming TV special
titled The Secret (whatisthesecret.tv), promising to reveal, on worldwide
television, one of the greatest secrets of all time. And like others, you've
probably begun to wonder what this secret could be. Read on, for not only am I in
possession of this secret; but as someone with a physics major under his belt,
I am also one in a position to be able to explain to you, in simple terms, why
this extraordinary phenomenon works as it does.

According to the website (whatisthesecret.tv) set up by the producer (Prime
Time Productions), Knowledge of this secret gives one the power to do anything
at all, whether that thing is considered possible or not. Prime Time
Productions must have put it to use themselves. How else could a previously unknown
production house in Richmond, VIC, Australia generate so much publicity and
worldwide hype for a program in such a short amount of time, in a market where
rivals struggle to break even?

'The Secret,' revealed, in layman's terms:

'The Secret' was first described, in those terms, by Napoleon Hill in his
post-depression book, Think and Grow Rich. (Although neither Hill nor the others
that followed him understood precisely why this works. I do, but I will come
to that later...)

Essentially, the gist of the secret (a.k.a. 'The Greatest Secret') can be
expressed as follows:

If you desire something obsessively (e.g. money, cure of an ailment, etc.),
and you force this desire to overrule all thoughts to the contrary (i.e. you
convince yourself of, and allow for, no possibility of defeat), and you force
yourself to maintain this stance indefinitely (i.e. never back down, despite all
logic), then you will eventually achieve it, regardless of whether it was
previously within your grasp.

On the other hand, if you believe that you are unlucky and destined for
failure, you will achieve that too.
Essentially, one's luck is controlled by one's mind.

An explanation of why this works:

The brain is a highly complex system, containing in excess of 100 trillion
synaptic nodes, and having an intricacy comparable to that of the universe

A very useful principle in fields such as Chemistry is Le Chatelier's
Principle; which states that if any natural system is pushed out of its natural,
stable equillibrium; then that system will expend energy in order to move back
into a stable, equillibrium state. Normally, this principle is applied to
chemical reactions; but it can be applied to anything. In the field of Physics, The
Second Law of Thermodynamics states essentially the same thing, in slightly
different terms.

There is a natural tendancy against unstable systems, and favourable to
stability (which is why unstable systems are so prone to changing, often suddenly
and violently).

Now, if you manage to convince yourself of something which is out of touch
with reality, such as that you will achieve something impossible; then you are
creating an unstable situation - it requires a lot of energy to maintain belief
in something which you know to be wrong, after all. More often than not,
nature restores the equillibrium by 'causing' people to 'see sense' and revert
back to beliefs consistent with what they see around them. If, however, they
refuse to admit reality, then nature must restore equillibrium in the second most
efficient way, by altering reality to fit the person's beliefs (indeed, the
electrical impulses inside one's head are no less 'real' than anything else in
the universe). Thus, the person wins the battle over nature, and achieves what
they wanted through sheer mind power.

Of course, if you try to demand of reality something really impossible, such
as being able to pick up your native continent and place it inside a shoebox,
then balance the whole thing on your nose (of course, this involves first
being able to convince yourself that such a thing is possible, and then
maintaining that belief indefinitely) then the stakes become higher, and you run the
risk of driving yourself insane (which is another way of restoring equillibrium)
instead of achieving your goal.

This explanation also goes some way towards explaining otherwise irrational
phenomena, such as why superstitious people tend to be affected by
superstition. It also explains how such things as telekinesis (moving objects around
without physically touching them) could be possible, especially in cases where an
object is to be drawn into one of multiple equally probable, and energetically
favourable, states.

Unfortunately, exactly why Le Chatelier's Principle holds at all is a
complete mystery; indeed, there is currently no such thing in physics, as a
fundamental definition of 'energy,' and why such a thing exists in the universe at all.
All that is known, is that physical systems naturally tend toward the lowest
energy state possible (a book sitting on a shelf has more potential energy
than one that has fallen off, but in order for this to happen, energy must be
spent in getting the book close enough to the edge of the shelf. Books sitting on
the edges of shelves fall off. Books sitting securely at the centre of a
shelf don't. Known facts.)

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