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The Reptilian Gods of Eden

(From Volume 2  Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?
www.4truthseekers.org <http://www.4truthseekers.org>  )

Certain words of the Nine come back at this time when dealing with the
Annunaki, those who were the Gods of Eden referred to in the Bible:

". . . when there is one who understands the energies of all
Creation, and how they then may utilize those energies to make
themselves a god, then they keep people in bondage, for they then seek
to have control over others, in order to feel that they are a god."

This is exactly what happened with the Annunaki and their relationship
with human beings, even though it was probably unintentional in the
beginning, they `got off' on the power and made themselves into

William Bramley says that the word "god" alone contains too much
undeserved awe, especially since historical and modern-day testimony
indicates that these "gods" are just as "human" in their
behavior as any one of us. The term "ancient astronaut"
pigeonholes them into the distant past when, in fact, Sitchin and
Clow's work make it appear that they have maintained a continuous
presence all the way up until today. The label
"extraterrestrial" is too broad. So what should we call them?

It is here again that the Tree of Life symbolism becomes important, for
in the various creation stories, particularly the Sumerian and Biblical
versions, it is related that they (the Annunaki gods) feared lest their
newly created creature, Adam or `the Adam', partake of the fruit
of the Tree of Life and become as they were, thereby trying to unseat
them in their position of power.

"Fearing, evidently, a human race unified in culture and purpose,
the Nefilim adopted the imperial policy: "Divide and rule." For
while Mankind reached cultural levels that included even airborne
efforts—after which "anything they shall scheme to do shall no
longer be impossible for them"—even the Nefilim themselves were a
declining lot. By the third millennium BC, children and grandchildren,
to say nothing of humans of divine parentage, were crowding the great
olden gods."

Even the gods got older as they began to stay for longer and longer
periods upon the planet. Their long lives on their home planet made them
fear death more directly as they felt their limitations in the denser
atmosphere and the vibration of planet Earth.

"You are doomed unless you stop fearing death. We are the ones who
caused you to fear death, because we age very fast while we sojourn on
Earth. We age 3600 years during one of your Earth years".  (Clow)

They used all their technology for repolarization of the DNA such as was
used in Atlantis, to keep themselves young and alive. They even used the
DNA of humans to interact with their own to make them more adaptable to
the situation here on Earth, especially as the planet lowered nearer and
nearer to being fully 3rd dimensional. But still it was not enough. .
some retained the longevities acquired on Nibiru and longer due to the
plentiful supply of age-enhancing drugs they found here on Earth,
others—the first generation of Earth—were partly affected by
Earth's shorter cycles, and yet others—third and fourth
generations—became more Earthlike than Nibiruan.

"The gods did grow old –Ninmah was young and attractive when she
arrived as Chief Medical Officer, still youthful when Adam was created,
later called Lady of the Mountainpeaks or Ninsirhag, but when Inanna
rose to power she was referred to as Mammi, "old Mother," and
depicted as an aging goddess."

That is why the gods had their own crystal, DNA-regenerating Tree of
Life, their own version of the Atlantean Temple of Healing and
Rejuvenation. Remember, just as radiation can destroy or mutate
genetics, so too can crystal energy rejuvenate our DNA, our genetics and
even our bodily organs as well. And along with the Water of Life and the
Food of Life, images that have been handed down to us in Christian
ritual as the Water of Life and the Bread of Life, the Annunaki were
able to maintain their genetics without aging near as fast as they would
have if left alone to adapt. The ziggurat style of the Sumerian temples
also helped toward this same end—using pyramid power much like has
been done in modern experiments to stop food from aging.

It bears repeating here that this was the crystal Tree of Life that
Gilgamesh saw in his search for immortality as described in the Epic of

"Gilgamesh . . . saw "an enclosure of the gods" wherein
there was a garden; but the "garden" was made up entirely of
artificially carved precious stones: "All kinds of thorny Prickly
Bushes were visible, blooming with gemstones; Carnelian bore fruit
hanging in clusters, its vines too beautiful to behold. The foliage was
of lapis lazuli; and grapes, too lush to look at, of . . . stones were
made." The partly damaged verses go on to list other kinds of
fruit-bearing trees and the variety of precious stones—white and red
and green—of which they were made. Pure water ran through the
garden, and in its midst he saw "like a tree of Life and a Tree of .
. . that of An-gug stones were made."

It is also revealed to Gilgamesh that the gods use a plant to make their
Food of Life:

"A plant there is, like a prickly berrybush is its root. Its thorns
are like a brier-vine's; thine hands the thorns will prick. (But) if
with thine own hands the plant you could obtain, rejuvenation you will
find (spikenard)"

To supplement these other miraculous rejuvenators, the Annunaki also
partook of their own Tree of Life which they had brought with
them—the palm tree—as described by Enoch, the tree that gives
streams of honey, milk, oil and wine (the coconut palm from which we get
milk and oil, the date palm from which we get honey and date wine).

"As to the tree, no mortal is to touch it until the great judgement.
Its food is for the elect. Its fragrance shall be in their bones and
they shall live a long live on earth."

"And the angel who was with him confirmed that indeed it was the
very tree from which Adam and Eve had eaten before they were driven out
of Eden. It was as high as a fir, its leaves were as of the carob, and
its fruit like the clusters of the vine."

Reminiscent of Jacob's ladder and Enoch's own ascent to the
Tenth Heaven is this creation myth of primitive America that echoes the
idea of maintaining eternal youth through the use of a substance called
the Water of Life:

"Olebus, he who sits above (perhaps in his spaceship) was about to
create mankind.  He sent two emissaries to earth to construct a ladder
which would connect Earth and Heaven. Half way up the ladder he set up a
resting place with a pool of pure drinking waters. At the summit there
were two springs, one for drinking and the other for . . . When a man or
a woman grows old says Olebus, let him or her climb up to this summit
and drink and bathe, whereupon his youth shall be restored."

Adam and Eve

In the days when Adam and Eve were created by the Annunaki, the hominids
that were on the planet were living in clans and following the great
herd of animals for their livelihood. They spent the warm seasons by the
sea or by the rivers and lakes living on plants, berries, and fish. When
the great gods, the Annunaki, came to Earth, there was no conception of
who they were. The gods began to tell stories about where they came
from; but they were not understood. Somehow it was grasped that they
journeyed to some faraway place, perhaps north above the ice to the
source of many ancient legends. And life did not get any better with
their arrival.

As Bramley puts it, the Sumerian tablets described lives of endless
drudgery for the Annunaki "gods" as they carried out building,
excavation, and mining operations on Earth. The `gods' were not
at all happy with their lot. They were prone to complaining,
backstabbing, and rebellion against their leaders. A solution was needed
and it was found in the idea to create a new creature capable of
performing the same labors as they had been doing. With this purpose in
mind, the "gods" decided to create a worker from the existing
hominids on the planet.

Enki basically says, "Let's create a primitive worker to do the
work." There were hominids in Southeastern Africa at the time and
all that was needed was "to bind upon it the image of the gods."
This would "create a mixed one . . . to toil for the gods." This
is almost exactly identical to Genesis, Chapter 1 – "And Elohim
(plural) said: Let us make the Adam in our image, after our
likeness" – "And Elohim created the Adam in His image; in
the image of Elohim created He him."

The Bible translators appear to have had a constant problem with the
word Earth - often translating it to ground, clay or dust, instead of
recognizing it as relating to The Earth. Even in the case of Adam and
Eve, the translators made glaring errors. The Bible says, 'Male and
female created he them, and he called their name Adam'. Older writings
use the more complete word Adâma, which means 'of the Earth'.
However, this did not mean they were made of dirt; it means (as the
Anchor Hebrew Bible explains in precise terms) that they were

Then came the problems with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
and the Tree of Life. Even in the Christian Bible this Adam that was
created was not worthy or seen fit to have either the Knowing or the
Longevity of the god(s).

In the Gnostic text titled, The Revelation of Adam, Adam describes to
his son, Seth, how he and Eve were enslaved to the god that made them:

  "And we served him in fear and servility. And after this we became
dark in our hearts. And I, for my part, was asleep in the thinking of my

The Mesopotamian tablets tell a creation story in which one of the
"gods" is put to death by the other "gods," and then the
body and blood are mixed into clay. Out of this concoction a human being
is made, the new earth creature apparently very similar in appearance to
its original creators.

Clow suggests that all the Annunaki did was to make the mixture out of
primordial Earth elements using silica-based clay for humans so that
they could read and program our minds –this would stand to reason if
one considers that what the Annunaki were basically creating was indeed
a slave race.

The Legend of Adapa speaks of Adapa as being a protégé of Enki who
chose him "to become as a model of men," who he then "gave
him wisdom, but did not give him eternal life." Enki even made him a
Shem–what Sitchin translates to "a rocket", but is in fact a
name, that as the story goes, he breaks.

Many of the Biblical Old Testament stories such as the Creation story
were translated or borrowed from earlier texts, particularly those of
the Hebrews' predecessors in Sumeria and Akkad. It must be
remembered that Abraham himself came from Ur, where his father was a
temple priest.

Sitchin exhaustively analyzes the Sumerian creation stories. He
concludes that the tale of a god's body being mixed with clay
probably referred to some form of biological engineering. He supports
his surprising conclusion by pointing to the Sumerian tablets which
state that the first humans were bred in the wombs of female
"gods," for according to the tablets, the gods had both male and
female bodies, and bred by sexual intercourse. This was not true to some
extent, however, since the Annunaki had to be made `compatible'
with humans later on, and were in fact egg producers much like reptiles
here on Earth. Sitchin believes that the "clay" was a special
substance that could be inserted into a womb, perhaps something we might
say was an artificial egg. That substance held the
genetically-engineered cells of the new slave creature, Homo sapiens.
Interestingly, modern scientists have bred related animals in a similar
fashion, such as the zebra in the womb of a horse.

There is no demonstrated relationship between the Neanderthals and those
who also came to share space with them for a few millennia: Homo Sapiens
Sapiens (Human the Wise). The Neanderthals left the fossil records about
30,000 years ago, possibly 20,000 years after the creation of the
Annunaki Adam.

One must also here go back to the dating of the cataclysms which sank
parts of Atlantis to find the events that also affected the fossil
record and the creation or upgrading of the species. The first of these
events took place in Cayce's opinion around 50,000 BC, when a
portion of the continent was destroyed. The second occurred around
28,000 BC (that 30,000BC jump in the consciousness of mankind) when the
remaining land was split into islands. The final destruction occurred
around 10,000 BC (9,000 to be more exact). Remember that a catastrophe
that could cause the break up of a continent such as Atlantis would have
to have great influence on the rest of the world as well. Without
serious intervention from our alien ancestry, mankind could have been on
its knees for the 10 million years as prescribed by the University of
California findings.

So Neanderthal and Homo sapiens sapiens shared the same planet for a
period of at least 20,000 years but without ever co-mingling.

. . .

Bramley's point of view on the Creation points out the ludicrousness of what we
ourselves have been forced to swallow for many generations, and yet have never
really given any thought.

"To preserve Homo sapiens as a slave race and to prevent future rebellion,
spiritual knowledge was repressed, human beings were scattered geographically
into different linguistic groups, and conditions were created to make physical
survival on Earth an all-consuming chore from birth until death. The arrangement
was to be maintained indefinitely for as long as the (Annunaki) possessed Earth.
In contrast, the modern view is that human beings had evolved accidentally from
"star stuff" into slime, into fishes, into monkeys, and finally into people. The
modern view actually seems more fanciful than the ancient one.

"In the story of Adam and Eve we noted the appearance of a snake. The serpent
was said to be "god's" enemy, Satan, who had literally transformed himself into
a reptile. The Bible suggests that snakes are feared and disliked to this day
because of Satan's alleged transformation back in the Garden of Eden. However,
it should be remembered that the Biblical Adam and Eve story is entirely
symbolic. The snake, too, was a symbol, not an actual reptile."

The next problem the Annunaki had to contend with was that a Being created from
the mixing of the two races would still be a very intelligent Being with certain
powers and abilities that would not make it conducive to being servile—thus
something else needed to be done to limit the Adam's ability and eventual desire
for freedom.

"Now that Adam has become as one of us, to know good and evil, what if he shall
put forth his hand and also take of the Tree of Life, and eat, and live

The solution was the symbolic `pruning' of the Adam's Tree of Life.
Enki suggested to "bind upon him the image of the gods" and create Homo sapiens.
The problem was how to make him like `us' and yet also not like `us'. The ideal
was to strip away those parts of the DNA which made him "equal to the Gods." And
that is what they did in their laboratories in creating subsequent Adams, for
that is what they called the race, `the Adam'. Using there, by now, advanced
genetic manipulation techniques, they stripped away some of the strands of DNA
that would make Adam fully fourth-dimensional, fully cognizant of himself and
his place in the grander Universe. They stripped the DNA down to a bare minimum
for the functioning of a simple creature. As has been already mentioned, but
bears repeating here, to go back before 100,000 years is to be looking at humans
who were different from us—the difference was that those humans had twelve
strands of DNA, not simply the two we have today!

"The levels of consciousness are directly related to the number of chromosomes
we have in our genetic makeup."

Some of these strands are invisible, or non-biological. Part of the DNA system
consists of invisible magnetic strands that provide the magnetic information to
each cell, as discussed in the section on morphogenetics. This magnetic
information helps the cells to know what their purpose is, as well as each
cell's "regeneration properties." The extra strands of DNA were also originally
our connection with our `higher self', that part of us from which we have now
been `disconnected'. In stripping us of our 12-stranded DNA, the Annunaki
effectively made us what we are, a race of slaves waiting for our Lords and
Masters to return—or more properly for `our Lord and Master' to return--Lucifer.
Enki, took on the figure of the double helix, the structure of the DNA he had
given the Adam, as his person symbol.

We see this same image of the double-stranded DNA today on the caduceus, the
Hippocratic symbol representing the medical profession of the world. Another
symbol of the Tree of Life, it combines the element of the serpents wrapping
themselves around the central trunk of the Tree—strangling it as it were—the two
ever-present branches of the New World Order keeping Mankind under control: one,
the political side, and the other, the religious side of control.

Some people are convinced that we have more DNA strands coming to complete our
"ageless body" ascended forms. This is true to some extent, and indeed there are
some Beings on the planet now who are in possession of their full complement of
12-stranded DNA, but they are rare among the many, and now they are almost
anomalies. The rest of the world is stuck with two-stranded DNA unless they make
the choices that are needed to ascend. The ascension process is not automatic
for everyone.

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.....the Annunaki effectively made us what we are, a race of slaves waiting for our Lords and Masters to return—or more properly for `our Lord and Master' to return--Lucifer.

Which means that Jesus = Lucifer. Shocked  Y'know, I've heard that, before, but not quite in this context.  

It makes sense, explained this way, but I've got to ruminate on this, for a bit.  Confused

Good article!

"You create your universe as you go along."
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