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Throwing Chickens to the Reptiles

Stuart Wilde

April 2005

Some humans are reptilesógrinning crocodiles. They are ice cold inside and they have a disdain for humanity. I love them. I like watching them. They donít stand a chance long-term but that is what fascinates me.

On Friday night in our local bar the lizards gather, all scrubbed-up and posing as normal. They circle each other looking for a feed: young bucks from the stock exchange with an erection to get shot of, and girls in corners, lots of them, animated and giggling, having fun, evaluating offers, waiting for the highest bidder. It reminds me of the bar scene in Star Wars. Itís so much fun.

Reptiles grin a lot, but it gives them away; there is a phony quality to it. A grin that comes from your heart goes all the way through your soul to the outer edges of your smile, while the reptileís grin stops short, and there is a very feint curled lip to it that marks the reptileís predatory essence. The curl is usually in the etheric; if you relax your mind and you look carefully, using your feelings to watch and not your logic, youíll see it. When the reptiles move around they leave an etheric trail; itís a presence in the force field of a room say, like a wispy cloud of cigarette smoke hanging in the air. You can feel it.

The reptile humans are abducted humans, but they donít know they have been captured. They pretend to have a mind. In fact they belong to another evolutionóa netherworld which stretches down through the floor and below us at 240ļ.

But because they are supported and instructed and held up from within by the transdimensional ghouls, the humans almost never get sick and they are often very rich and/or very powerful. When the ghouls choose one of their humans to rule, that person usually winds up ruling. They are given the fast track to the top.

The trick to the reptiles is to love them and always agree with them and make them right, even when they are wrong. There is never any sense in trying to reason with them or take them on; you canít appeal to human values and fairness, they are feeders. And anyway, you are only looking at the front man of a dark power, which may be one hundred thousand entities strong. The reptile humans always have their inner world allies and they will get up ahead of you and disadvantage you, and bend the minds of the bosses or the lawyers or judges, or anyone that might have an authority that could offer you a fair shake. It is almost impossible to beat the reptiles.

When dealing with the reptile human the trick is to throw them a chicken and keeping throwing chickens for as long as it takes. Tell them they are marvelous and right, and decent and fair, and tell them what a great contribution and energy they provide for others. Tell them they are a savior. Make them into mini-gods. That is what they want to hear. Youíll find they will rob your energy very quickly. But suffer it for a bit and keep throwing chickens, just keep telling them they are right and marvelous, it doesnít cost you anything. Throw chickens, when they are full, flee.

Your only real defense is to keep your distance. Try not to be involved romantically, socially or in business. They will pretend to be decent but they will always eat youóremember that. The predators donít ever change. Itís their evolution. There arenít any crocodiles without teeth. If you are not lunch today, youíll be dinner tomorrow; humans are just items on the reptileís list.

The reptiles sometimes have a dark blob on their cheek, itís usually about two inches in diameter just a little bigger than a silver dollar. It hovers frantically, jiggling about up and down. It also travels around their face, so youíll see the blob near their nose and seconds later it has drifted up under one eye and so forth. In darkened rooms like a nightclub you can see it sometimes, but in daylight it disappears from view. Ití s the mark of the beast in the sense that it is a blot on their soul that they carry about with themóa marking that they have put on themselves over time. Nothing much is hidden in the etheric; itís all there to see.

The human reptiles own this world and they control it in every minute detail. They make the laws, control the wealth and write the news. They are the ones that are chosen and elevated and endowed and placed into power. And their allies in the inner world guard all the doors, even the religious and spiritual ones, nothing moves without their permission. Take a lot of chickens, you canít win.

ButÖ there is always a butÖ

Now after ten thousand years, the reign of endless, cruel kings and queens that have been sustained by the unseen, lower kingdom, is about to change. The human reptiles will eventually fall and their world will be carried away, the only thing left at the end is the sound of water.

That is why I watch them, they are doomed. I feel for them. They canít get rid of that blob, they donít know it is there. And they canít warm their blood, they donít know how, and sadly, they canít run as there is nowhere to hide. They are in the arm of an unseen forces and they are frozen in time, marked for life.

I feel for themÖlove them, as I said, just love them. It probably wonít help you or them one bit, but what else can one suggest? Anyway, we wonít see many of them for thousands of years, so as well as always making them right, throwing chickens and buttering them up all of the time, you might want to take a minute to say a silent goodbye.

ButÖ.there is always a butÖ.

They are like the character Jack Torrance in The Shining, they will be back. Then again, so will we.

Cluck, cluck.

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