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Demons in Alien's Clothing
By Ron Patton

As we enter the 21st century and a new millenium, Satan has devised the
delusion that mankind is entering into an important evolutionary phase - a New Age.
The push for "global enlightenment" has now extended to the vast reaches of
the universe, into what could be deemed as a "space" religion. However, once
this nebulous veil is lifted, a definite correlation emerges between the
UFO/Alien phenomenon and occultic/satanic activity.

Photo of a Gargoyle, or perhaps, a representation of humanity's collective
memory of the 'GODS' who once walked among us.The ancient civilizations of the
Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas shared several intriguing

1. They were extremely advanced scientifically and technologically.

2. Animal and human sacrifices were performed at an alarming rate, preceding
their demise.

3. They believed they had acquired metaphysical knowledge from the "gods",
whom they perceived as coming from the stars and also the subterranean level of
the earth.

4. These cultures disintegrated or became abruptly extinct while at the
pinnacle of their existance.

Many of these revered and feared entities were described as looking like
winged-reptilians or dragons. Similarly, Satan and his minions were depicted in an
identical manner, as seen in artwork throughout the centuries.

A monograph entitled, Reality of the Serpent Race, by Branton, reveals, "In
Genesis 3 we read about the 'Nachash'; Hebrew word for 'Serpent'. The original
Nachash was not actually a snake as most people believe, but an extremely
intelligent, cunning creature, possessed with the ability to speak and reason."
Another significant parallel from the Holy Bible is shown in Jeremiah 8:17,
"Behold, I will send serpents, cockatrices among you, which will bite you, saith
the Lord." The definition of a cockatrice is a reptilian bird-like creature or
winged-serpent. This could very well represent the Phoenix, described in
Egyptian mythology.

A theory proposed by Bible scholar I.D.E. Thomas asserts that the race of the
"Nephilim" (meaning Giants and/or fallen ones), mentioned in Genesis 6:4 and
Numbers 13:33, closely resemble the alien race of the blond Pleiadian Nordics,
reported to be eight to nine feet tall. The Nazis attempted to revive this
mystical Aryan race in the 1930's and 1940's. Mr. Thomas believes that a hybrid
offspring culminated from relations between the Nephilim and the "daughters of
man" resulting in increased wickedness upon the earth; and thus evoking God's
wrath in the form of the "Great Flood".

Interviews taken of ex-Wiccans and Satanists (now Christians) indicate a high
level of personal contact with various alien types, especially during coven
meetings and holiday rituals. Those coming from the highest echelon of Satanism
known as the Illuminati, believe the original people who inhabited the earth
descended from Mars via the Moon. They believe the first established
civilization was Atlantis. Renowned for their superior intellect, the Atlanteans
suffered the same fate as a few of the proceeding cultures already mentioned. The
remnant people from Atlantis became the American Indians, according to their
interpretation of history.

Dr. Richard Boylan has written extensively about E.T. encounters, and has
found five common features of people predominately involved in UFO/alien
sightings and abductions:

1. Individuals possessing a high degree of psychic ability.

2. Similar phenomenon occuring with other family members (multi or

3. Native Americans and/or indigenous peoples.

4. Children who have been subjected to severe abuse or trauma.

5. Individuals and/or family members affiliated to government and/or military
intelligence agencies or departments.

In conjunction, a strong relationship exists between occultic ritual sites,
top secret military installations, and UFO/alien sightings and abductions.
There also appears to be a magnetic spiritual vortex (or vacuum) which has drawn
an many "New Agers" into these areas (Taos, NM; Sedona,AZ; Boulder, CO, etc.).
One prime example is the area near Dulce, NM, where the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has a highly-secured underground complex on the
Jicarella Indian Reservation -- a region known for Native American shamanism.
The facility is said to be used for genetic engineering, including cloning.
Several witnesses who were employed there reported seeing different breeds of

Congruently, the Mojave Desert in California has it's share of military bases
involved in "black projects", ranging from research and development of
"advanced" aircraft to MKULTRA mind control operations (Edwards AFB, Ft. Irwin, and
China Lake Naval Weapons Center).

Coincidentally, it was the area where Charles Manson and family resided in
the late 1960's. It was also the general location described in the book, Outside
the Circle of Time (1980) by Kenneth Grant. A portion of the book states,
"John Whiteside Parsons [who specialized in jet propulsion] and L. Ron Hubbard,
founder of Scientology [and former Naval Intelligence Officer] were involved in
a special project during 1945 and 1946... This special project which was
carried out in the California desert, was a part of magical ceremonies [black
witchcraft] known as the 'Babylon Working', designed by Aleister Crowley, who died
in 1947 [year of the alleged Roswell UFO crash and the implementation of the
National Security Act]... The purpose of the series of ceremonies performed by
Parsons and Hubbard was to unseal an interdimensional gateway, that had been
sealed in antiquity thereby allowing other dimensional entities known as the
'Old Ones' access to our space/time continuum. The culmination of the
ceremonies was reported to have been successful, having resulted in the establishment
of 'extra-terrestrial contact'... Crowley left behind a drawing of his
invisible mentors or as he called them, 'Secret Chiefs' [spirit guides], entitled LAM.
This entity has a very large head on a small body, a pointed chin, and a
little slit of a mouth [description compares favorably to the 'Greys']."

Another British occultist, Dr. John Dee, court astrologer for Queen Elizabeth
I, would regularly summon alien-like entities.

Several abductees, psychics (through out-of-body experiences) and former
employees of the Dulce facility reported seeing large vats, full of blood and body
parts; essentially, a human stew . Their understanding is particular
varieties of aliens, mostly "Greys" bathe in these vats to absorb nutrients through
their skin. One of the secretions these aliens crave is adrenaline, which is
generated in great quantity when the victim is tortured or traumatized at the
moment of death. This glandular hormone is most potent in children.

Striking similarities are found in Egyptian Satanism, as graphically detailed
in The Egyptian Book of the Dead. "Behold ye then god this great slaughter,
mighty of terror, he washeth in your blood, he batheth in your gore." It was
common practice for them to sacrifice infants and young children for the purpose
of obtaining the life or energy force from the victim.

Additional observations by some who have witnessed aliens recall distinct
insignias or emblems on their uniforms. To no surprise, alien symbology is
identical to that of the Mystery Religions of ancient Babylon. For instance, the
winged-sun disk is worn by the "Draconis" or Reptilian race and is prominently
displayed throughout the sliding scale of occultism. The double-headed eagle or
Phoenix is associated with the Lyrae-Greys; a trademark of the Scottish Rite
branch of Freemasonry. A book describing the interaction between non-human
beings from other planets and the "enlightened ones" (33rd degree Freemasons) is
found in the book, The Hidden Life of Freemasonry. Mario Pazzaglini, Ph.D.,
published his meticulous research pertaining to alien symbols in a book titled,
Symbolic Messages: An Introduction to a Study of "Alien" Writing. He
effectively deciphered over 150 samples and concluded that a high percentage of the
alien alphabets are similar to magical alphabets of Hermetic and Enochian origins.
Mario also surmised that, "Further, messages [from aliens] seem in most
people to act as a nucleus for a developing sense of purpose in life, an increased
realization that of some kind of 'assignment' from beyond humankind, and a
heightened spiritual sense. The specific contents of these ideas can be of any
religious denomination, or orientation, and sometimes reveals or develops a
totally new religion, usually with conglomerate pieces from known religions and
other cosmic, planetary, or stellar schemes."

A case epitomizing this "cosmic consciousness" has been disclosed by Sky
Ambrose, an alleged UFO/alien abductee who was interviewed by Art Bell, on his
nationally-syndicated radio show, Dreamland, October 16, 1994. She and a friend
were supposedly abducted in Colorado after observing a UFO in November 1989.
Sky lost about two hours of time which she could not account for and decided to
undergo hypnosis. A condensed version of what Ms. Ambrose recalled is as

1. The aliens looked translucent, with large heads upon thin, frail bodies.
Their eyes were large and pronounced, but their was no recollection of noses or

2. Sky and her friend were implanted with a small square, tissue-like
substance inside their heads (catscan analysis or x-rays have verified these
biological devices exist).

3. Communication with the aliens was achieved telepathically.

4. They (the aliens) told Sky she was not chosen by them, but she out of her
own volition, decided to participate in this journey before her present life
(reincarnation). To her understanding, these beings are "caretakers" or
"guardians" of the planet, Earth. Their function is to bring forth "revelation"
through the spirit of unity, and, the earth is the soul of God; a living entity

5. It was explained to her that the universe is rhythmic and presently at a
peak cycle; what appears to be chaos is actually the birthing of a "new order"
(ordo ab chaos?). To enter into the next evolutionary level, new bodies will
be needed to re-seed the planet. This hybrid body will be a combination of
human and alien (remember the Nephilim?).

6. Her renewed belief system incorporates the _expression that negativity
brings separation but unity brings love (please read II Corinthians 6:17 & Matthew

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