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Welcome to the Darkling Haven's new home!

All the prior messages were lost as the old forum just kicked the bucket without warning.

It looks like this new forum will be alot better as you can successfully modify and skin the look, which I will soon be looking into.

Anyway, Welcome back, everyone!

Most awesome! I can actually log in here with no problems!

I like the layout also. Congratulations on the move! Cool

Thank You Copper! So glad you made it!!! cheers

How ya doin'?

I do like the new website. Since I haven't seen you around I just had to share my good news that I finally got my acceptance letter to school!! I hand delivered my deposit today and I start in Fall 2006. I'm so excited .... and I just can't hide it ....

You said you're going to be learning how to do skins soon - so school is still humming along for you?

Hope all is well,

QO Cool

Hey, Congratulations QO!!! It's about time they took you in and thanks for dropping by! I hope you do stop by once in a while and keep me up to date as to what's happening with you.

Yeah, I'm pretty much boiling in my own stew right now because I pretty much don't know who to trust anymore online.

Skinning the forum has become low priority. It's ok for now. I just finished up life drawing and Concept development a few days ago. While it did motivate me to learn the deeper intricacies of the human body, I felt the instruction could have been a little better. Anyway, I'm taking it upon myself to learn it better outside of the class anyway. In several weeks I start Art History. Whee!

My own uneducated and un-arty opinion is that the study of anatomy separates the men from the boys. Especially in cartooning and animation. Your eye sees those little idiosyncracies which make the fluid movement acceptable.

When I graduated high school a million years ago I wanted to be a cinematographer and learn animation, the old school way, one frame at a time in a camera. Ray Harryhausen was my idol. At the time animators were still using stop motion, but computers were just around the corner. I know there are still a few hardcore old-schoolers using the method, but the majority has moved on to CGI of course. Ray's use of modeling and movement just made my heart sing for some reason. I always thought that's why his stuff looked so good. It was a little choppy because of the stop motion, but his kinesetic details let your brain stop thinking about the fact that "hey, that's a rubber monster" and be in the film.

I wanted photography because I had no natural artistic talent of my own. You're lucky to have that gift!

Actually, I don't remember if you said what your ultimate goal is? Do you want to do animation or stills? What do you want to be when you grow up? Razz

HarryHausen was truly a master! I love all of his work, especially the sinbad movies! The Cyclops battling the dragon is a gorgeous example of bringing monsters to life. I knew a guy who was in 3d animation who worshipped and actually learned under him so I don't think all is lost in terms of new technology Smile

I grew up with Warner Bros and Disney and I wanted to be an animator and character designer for the longest time. I'm also interested in creature design and videogames so 3d modelling is a must. I should have learned all that by now but life happens and I'm constantly being sidetracked, but it will happen eventually.

CoyoteVille is but one of many projects I've wanted to do. I'll work on it again, but I feel I need to work on other designs so I don't get stuck on just one way of doing things...

As far as talent goes, it's actually more work than talent. I'm not naturally talented, far from it. It's just been a lifelong desire to do this sort of thing from childhood.

Anyway, is this school a film or animation school? What's your major? What's your dream?

I'm also interested in creature design and videogames so 3d modelling is a must.

My ex-husband works at Nintendo's gaming school up near Seattle. I know it is very popular among computer gaming programmers and artists. I understand there is quite a waiting list to get in there. My son for a while was intending to go there, but decided instead on the Seattle Art Institute. He is studying photography now, but doesn't really know what he wants to do. Last week he was lucky enough to get a job as a photography assistant to a photographer who is just setting up a new studio. I'm so excited for him. Great opportunity to work part-time in this field and learn from somebody who has knowledge and can give him hands-on training. I'm so jealous!

My own schooling is going to be more mundane. I only have one local campus to chose from. Since I don't have any desire to study nursing, criminal justice or psychology, I decided on Anthropology. I am interested in history, but didn't want to be a history teacher, so it is the next best way to study the history of humanity. I would like to specialize in linguistics eventually, but right now I just want to get started and see how I do. It has been so long since I've been in school that I just hope I can get a passing grade in anything! I have 5 months to study algebra on my own and get my math skills up to college level. Going to college is one of those things I've always regretted missing out on so I am really thankful that I will have the chance this late in life. Here in the Pacific NW there is a lot of archaeology pertaining to Lewis and Clark and the local indians. My own interests are a little more ancient than that, but as I understand it the Anthropology dept has access to the Fort Vancouver research so I'm really hoping to get a chance to study there at some point. The Fort is mostly manned by local volunteers and they recreate life in the fort for tours. They have rebuilt the main house, kitchens, blacksmithing shop, trading post, etc. I considered volunteering there, but now I will have a chance to do some real investigation through the school. I assume at that low level it will be cataloging and that sort of thing, but information organization is something I'm good at. I suppose my dream, if I were to identify one, would entail working in a private or university library. I try not to think that far ahead. One step at a time at this point.

Wow! Nintendo school would be sweet! Good luck with learning math on your own. I only got to Algebra II, though I would have liked to have reached calculus or trig. College level math is Algebra I, right? That shouldn't be too hard. There's some great websites out there focusing on math, I tried the high-school advantage cd's but they're just textbooks read aloud, nothing too exciting though they may help.

Anthropology is cool...Well, even though it sounds like you still haven't truly figured out what you want to do, at least you're taking action and that will eventually give you clues as to the direction you will want to go. Since you're good at organizing, maybe you can help us out here where I live. LOL. Seriously though, sounds like you have some talent for something like working with databases or creating them through the web or something like that...
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