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Welcome, Radar!


Welcome, Radar!


Thanks.  Much better than the usual, "The musicians (spoken with annoyance) are here."
People think if you make it look easy and fun there's no work involved, and it makes them pissy that you're getting paid.
They don't take account of the hours alone in the basement, tinkering, tinkering, tinkering...

Money for nothing, and chicks for free.....Riiiiiiight. Smile

No problems with 'musicians', I would have been one myself as I used to hear music like full songs and compositions in my head growing up but lacked knowledge to transcribe them. I still plan on mastering the keyboards.

Hi Radar....Are you the guy from MASH?  Smile  Razz

That was a bad joke of course.  Rolling Eyes Forum Index -> The Outer Caverns
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