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The forum's not dead! It's feeling...HAPPY!

Sorry for lack of's keeping me busy. I'll make it a point to begin posting again.

Stay tuned for new art and info.
the gardener

Hi Draconis! long time no talk with. I've missed you a whole lot.

you've been posting a lot of neat stuff all around town. I'd like to share stuff with you.

Hey Gardner! Great to see you!

Please do share! I've got a bit more free time now, at least for about a month... Smile

Thanks Drac... I'm busy right now but should slow down in a little while. I feel like I'm morphing back into my Purely Pagan phase of being right now. And that's a good thing.

Anyone ever hear from Irish Eyes? I was thinking of her the other day.

I found this through /b/ actually and I think your art is awesome!
I'm glad you can look through all that shit in the past and just be cool now. I respect that a lot. Smile

can't say that I've seen her or anyone from the old days lately...i miss them alot.


hey theGraz!!

forum is NOT dead and neither are you!
you're a busy guy
i can only imagine how much crap school makes you do
there are parts of me that miss school
uhh... like my wood...
misses the girls at school  LOL
but seriously, i educate myself at home continuously now
via books and videos
hard to believe i am moving into ASP NET !!

hey how's that ASUS EEE ?  did TinyXP like it ?

DAmn This place is lovely, Who chosd the decor, super.
Loving the leather sofas, and Could I get a latte

Hey Harry!

The Asus got bricked...Though TinyXP *did* install with a little work. The pc was working at noon, and at 1:00pm, it didn't turn on. Now I got to send it back to the manufacture to have it looked at. I also opted to get the 3 year warranty including accidental destruction so even if it's my fault, they'll replace it. lol.

Hi guest! The place was actually a bit darker, but some said it made it hard to read so I kept the standard template. I'll get around to skinning the board eventually.

Whoa, new posts! Neat Razz

Have you entirely given up on /b/? It's been a while since a thread...

Way to go Drac.  Thanks for sending us here!
Very Happy

Hey Anon! I won't be on /b/ for a while, not for officially 3 weeks anyway. Currently swamped with homework.

Hi Draconis,

How is one of my most favorite artists?  

We've been busy here getting ready to go to Joan Ocean's Dolphin Quest workshop and am very excited.  We'll be swimming with the dolphins and seeing the whales during the day and vectoring in ETs at night.  I know their out there but my luck has always been to see the satillites go flying by instead of the other crafts.

Nice website by the way.  Very Happy

Salutations, Lady!
Mosying along the educational path right now. Just finished a research paper on 5 different game companies and doing a series of gatorade ads...all rushed in one day! (While online learning may be convenient, they still pile on the work! I think I've done far more homework online than I ever did in JC!)

Oh wow! I wish I could join you on that dolphin trip! That sounds like so much fun, and especially the energy you'll be surrounded with! joyous!

Good luck in seeing a ship, I'm sure you will. I've seen more than a few looking up at the sky at night I think there are more out there right now on the belief that nobody looks up nowadays.

Draconis wrote:
Hey Anon! I won't be on /b/ for a while, not for officially 3 weeks anyway. Currently swamped with homework.

Now why would you want to go back there?

There's a whole huge internet out there (made of mostly porn) full of all sorts of friendly people who totally don't hate you.

Just when you thought the picnic was gonna be Ant-Free. Laughing Forum Index -> The Outer Caverns
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