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Excessive noise (boom cars) make you violent and stupid.
Shape-shifting robot forms from magnetic swarm
Multitasking is Destroying Our Ability to Focus
soda increases the risk of kidney disease.
Sedentary life 'speeds up ageing'!
Ron Paul to Haaretz: Israel can get by without American aid
Bush family related to Hinkleys! (the guy who shot reagan)
Put a cactus next to your PC to stay healthy.
survival in uncertain (economic) times - what's to come?
101 reasons to vote for ron paul
Health News: Splenda goes to court
Al Qaeda Fooling Us Again.
NASA Tries to Stupefy the Public (again)
Hi me again
W00t! Officially part of the english language!
Absolutely free movies
Absolutely free movies
Science working on creating true-life 'Minotaur' human/cows!
Soon you can have a real dragon as a pet!
MonoAtomic Gold: It's a Trap!!!!
GoogleVideo - The secret underground lectures of commander X
'Satanic' art in Catholic Church exposed
You've heard of the Pangea theory of the planet,right?
Humans Were On the Moon in 2309 BC
Planet "Serpo"?
"The Secret" Revealed!
Psychic attack with reptilians
In 5 years, you will be able to have wings grafted on to you
Interview with an ex-vampire
Government is sticking dissenters in mental institutions
Blockbuster film advocates muslim violence towards americans
Egypt announces discovery of Ramses II statues
Video - Message from the iraqi resistance
Who is messing with your head?
Stewart Wilde - Throwing Chickens to the Reptiles
[Reptilian] Info on the Lizardman - No, the REAL one.
Where your tax dollars go
10 political blessings
Police State coming or already here?
FBI murders elderly independence leader at his home in PRico
The Luciferian Legacy
Historical Document: The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual
Fear of Sex Mad Demon (PopoBawa) Grips Island!
Trans-Human/Animal/Cyborg hybrids to replace mankind
Website that links to all hurricane relief services
RH- Blood not a mutation but ORIGINAL HUMAN BLOOD GROUP?
Iraq worse than 'nam in terms of journalists killed
ISRAELI TREACHERY:After Gaza, Israel shuts off water.
AlienShift.Com -
Bush Neocons threaten former NSA with ASSASSINATION!!!!
Rise in Teen Psychopaths in society
Psychopath's eyes ABSORB LIGHT!?
[ICKE] 'Reptiles Have Immunity To Aids'
Chávez seeks influence with oil diplomacy
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