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Mah Pictures

well, while I cant draw, I like to think I can take decent pictures. Presently I'm using a Canon EOS Rebel K2 SLR with a Sigma 28-200 aspherical hyper zoom lens (kinda sucks, but I'm cheap) I use film because Its what I learned on, and because, well, the cheapness.

These pictures are from my trip to Hawaii last year (I'm leaving the 23rd this year, yay! Very Happy ) and these where taken on my ooooooooold Rebel one with a 28-80 stock lens with a broken AF. (shitty lens is shiiiiiiiity)


Those are awesomes!

thanks  Very Happy

hopefully my pictures will come out less grainy and discolored with my new camera.

bah, I use too many computers
thats me as you can probably guess.

NIIIIIIIIICE!   WHere are these from?

these all are from Kaua'i, the top two are from some botanical garden and the bottom one is a tarrow field that I took from a little pull-off.

I have a few more I like a bit more that have yet to be separated from the scanner pictures.

you guys have motivated me to separate two more, the top one is actually one of the wettest spots in the world, and its extremely rare to be able to see the top of the mountain (usually covered in clouds)

the other is just a luck-of-moment picture at some random pull off, that little lake is a fish preserve or something of that nature.


The last one looks like it needs a Bible verse or something on it XD

LOL! It does!

I'd be delighted if someone wants to shoop it. Razz

pictures I took a few days ago (before my camera broke ;_; )


OK. I couldn't resist.


Nice one Katayamma Razz

that is awesome. I want to stick it on my DA now, do you have an account?

also, woe this is old, I have since moved to DSLR with canon digital rebel XT, and have begun to dabble in HDR photography

heres an example

sucky, but my first try
the rest of my photos can be found atmy DA Forum Index -> The Treasure Room
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