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Looking for Free Digital Tone-Generator

Digital read-out for any tone, any duration.

All the ones I have seen automatically go dead after 30 days.

Also, looking for a simple parsing program for building a Eliza routine.

I give away books; seems to me other people can give away stuff too.

: )  Chai

There's always this one..

NCH Tone/Waveform Generator

Create tones using a computer with a sound card. It can create selected waveforms including sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, impulse and white noise at selected frequencies between 1 to 20,000Hz. The software could be used as a substitute for the traditional electronic tone generators in Radio Stations or Audio Studios.

Download free software now

Thanks, Drac.  It's great for WINXP but I'm running a Unix derivative.


That's what makes this a challenge.



sorry chaiya, don't know about linux...maybe you can run it under WINE?

dunno WINE?

I know WHINE, though?

I can try that.


Wine lets you run windows programs under linux


Kewl.  Let me talk to my son about that.  I think he can make it happen!!

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