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Interview with an ex-vampire

9 dvd's of information for 40 bucks...It may be worth getting just to see what this guy has to say.

Vampires are Real

Forbidden Knowledge, Occult Rituals, Secret Priesthoods, Spells, Luciferian Initiation, Illuminism, Ceremonial Magick, Vampirism.

This was the world of Bill Schnoebelen: Adept, Occultist, Satanic Priest, Black Magician, Vampire.

Lured into the occult with the quest for knowledge, this nine hour video chronicles the life of an adept in service to the darkest powers of planet earth until saved from a horrible fate.

* Discover the preparation, initiation and the "bringing over" of the initiate into the world of vampirism. (Note: We are talking about TRUE vampirism. Not just the kind of people who pretend to be vampires by drinking blood ).
* The other-worldly initiation by a being of immense power that claimed Bill Schnoebelen for its own.
* The reality of vampires and werewolves and the positions they hold in the dark world of the occult.
* The secret priesthood that helped Bill Schnoebelen survive.
* The lust and hunger of the true vampire and how it destroys its victims.
* And much, more more!

Containing secret, first-hand information that has never before been revealed to the public.

This is a true story.

WARNING: Not recommended for younger viewers.

* Produced and directed by Michael Relfe
* Interviewed by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)
* Talk show format
* 24 bit PCM uncompressed audio
* Master Video Quality - 6,000 VBR
* Format: NTSC (This can be viewed on any computer).
* 9 DVDs per set

* "It's absolutely riveting... It's amazing....It's mind blowing. You'll sit there and you won't take your eyes off this video... It also has a very enlightening or fulfilling, empowering message". Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani

* "This guy has been high up in the hierarchy of almost EVERY secret society worth its name, and been deeply involved in the darkest of the darkest of the occult. He once was a true Satanist and a REAL vampire, totally addicted to blood, until he managed to break out 20 years ago . This is a 9 HOUR interview, and I guarantee you I could not stop watching! I intended to watch one DVD per night, but couldn't stop until I had watched 6 of them in a row. The night after I watched the last 3. Amazing guy with astonishing information!!!" Wes Penre

* "This guy is excellent. Very credible, Very knowledgeable, Covers so many's just fascinating to listen to." Sherry Shriner

* This DVD is for anyone who has ever been interested in magick and the occult or already practices it. I thought I knew a lot regarding these topics. After seeing the interview, I realized that I didn't know enough! I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in this topic and to practitioners alike. It's very powerful information! Leila Zafar Forum Index -> Conspiracy News
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