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Interesting site on Martial arts..>Angry Penis.Org!<

Welcome to Happeh's House! This site is devoted to ideas about how a human being can and does evolve into a superior being. This includes information on how the body is constructed and the relationship between the physical body and evolving into a superior being. Some of these ideas are: The human body can emit and receive energy, how to see the energy in human relationships, how to see the energy in a person, excessive sexual activity including masturbation will harm the body and slow or prevent evolution into a superior being.

NOTICE! Some sections of this site contain graphic sexual images used for educational purposes. The "You are a Big Penis" Blog especially contains graphic material. If this offends you, please leave the site. Thank you.

Happeh Sunday Columns

Masturbation can make you crippled

Human Body Views

Serious Sam game tutorials and models

Kung Fu

Master Of Bation Blog

Dragonball Z and Real Life Blog

Happeh's Secrets of Life Blog

You are a Big Penis Blog

All Human Inventions are based on something from within the human body Blog

Letters to Scientist about Happeh Theory



I really don't have a penis at all, but an interesting view of life.

I have to ask; how did you run accross this site and what is your feeling about it?

Someone posted some videos on filesharing portal regarding kung-fu and it pointed to that website.

I have mixed feeling about the site itself. I feel there is some valid information to be gleaned here, as the website owner seems to be proficient in the martial arts and its knowledge. Though I haven't ascertained whether or not the information presented is done tongue in cheek because some ideas seem rather preposterous and funny if he's being serious or not.

For example, the explanation video behind the term 'tight ass', he brings the idea of the aura and it sounds valid in a metaphysical point of view UNTIL he brings up the metaphor of a 'stick being up someones butt'. At which point, I'm thinking.."Waitaminute...this is a joke, right?"

Though he takes the idea of correspondence, or sympathetic magick to an extreme I do not think is valid. His "You are a big penis", though it has some interesting points, he takes it to such an extreme in presentation (for example, using porn photography [complete with spooge] as examples) that he is either someone who has knowledge but little wisdom, or he is a prankster.

In short, it's an interesting site, but take it with a grain of salt. Forum Index -> The Outer Caverns
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