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How others thoughts affect us

(http://groups. group/SpiritualL ighthouse/ message/9453; _ylc=X3oDMTJwMHB 2dGdoBF9TAzk3MzU 5NzE1BGdycElkAzE xNjE3MQRncnBzcEl kAzE3MDUwNzY0ODk EbXNnSWQDOT
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We all come into contact with people from time to time who have
negative thoughts and opinions of us. These thoughts may remain
unspoken, or only implied. But we are still left with that slight
sense of disapproval, guilt, or disappointment. We tell ourselves that
we’re imagining things, or that this shouldn’t bother us. We tell
ourselves that we’re immune to the opinion of others, that they don’t
matter. But by brushing off or avoiding these negative reactions to
others, we are actually missing out on a valuable opportunity.

One of our most basic creations are thought forms. We create positive
and negative thought forms constantly, because we are always thinking.
Thought takes form briefly as we invest our energy into a thought, and
then dissipates as we move on to new thoughts. If we think the same
thoughts over and over again, feeding them with our attention, they
take on energetic substance and can eventually take up permanent
residence in our energy field. We all have created many, many positive
and negative thought forms about ourselves and about the people in our
lives. Some are fleeting. Others are very powerful.

We react at an energetic level to the thought forms others create
about us. Let’s say, for example, that we have a co-worker who thinks
we’re incompetent. They are creating a negative thought form of
incompetence about us. When we come into contact with their energy
field, we will pick up on the energetic resonance of this thought
form. The energetic resonance of “you’re incompetent” will elicit within us
a like
vibration, to the extent that this vibration is present in our own
energy field. Any part of us that considers ourselves incompetent will
become activated by the other person’s thought form. If we’re very
unsure of ourselves, being near this person will activate the energy
of incompetence to the point that it becomes detrimental to the
interaction. We will truly be reduced to an incompetent mess by their
thought form, because the vibration of incompetence is so strong
within us already. We have, through our own resonance with
“incompetence” now fed energy into the other person’s thought form of
us. Their thought form of “you’re incompetent” has become
strengthened, and will elicit an even stronger reaction within us in
our next encounter.

If, on the other hand, we’ve never considered ourselves incompetent
and are confident of our abilities, the thought form will elicit a
reaction so slight that we barely notice it. It will glide right past
us, and all we are left with is a sense of not being able to relate to
this co-worker, of not being on the same page. We may feel puzzled at
their attitude towards us, but remain largely unaffected.

Other people’s negative thoughts about us can only affect us if that
negative vibration already exists within ourselves. If someone
considers us irresponsible, this can only affect us to the level that
we resonate with the vibration of irresponsibility. If someone thinks
we’re a disappointment, this can only affect us if we already resonate
with the vibration of disappointment. No-one can “make us feel”
anything that isn’t already present within us.

The same is true for positive thought forms as well. A person can
think of us as loving and intelligent. But unless we already resonate
with those energies, these positive thought forms will pass us by. If,
however, we think of ourselves loving and intelligent already, a
person who creates such positive thought forms about us can very
powerfully elicit those vibrations within us.

Every person that “makes us feel” anything, negative or positive, is
an opportunity to learn how we feel about ourselves. Whether they
bring out the worst in us, or the best in us, each person serves as a
mirror of our relationship with ourselves. One of my teachers once
said “When people push our buttons, it is our job to address the
buttons.” The first step is to acknowledge that our buttons are our
responsibility. Taking ownership of every energetic quality within us,
positive or negative, is the first step to building a strong and
loving relationship with ourselves.

Over the next few days, notice how you react to the people in your
life. When you hang up the phone after speaking with your mother or
best friend, how do you feel? When you have a meeting with your boss
or co-worker, what is your reaction? Take every encounter as an
opportunity to explore the energetic qualities that resonate within you.
============ opportuniopportu niopportunioppor
From the Desk of True Revival Fires Outreach
Dr. Paul E. Jones B.A.M.Div.D. Dr.

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Humans don't have energy fields. It's the brain looking for minute details in the face/movement of a person (as well as pheromone signals) that the conscious mind overlooks. It recognizes them, categorizes them, and figures out what the other person is actually thinking and politely lets us know (instead of being a jerk like it normally is and just causing mental trauma).

There's no need for psychic fields or emotional energy. The physical body is terrible about hiding things and the subconscious gets a kick out of picking people apart. It's awesome. Secretly everyone hates everyone because of potential competition for food/mates/land/whatever. Hell, we even hate our spouses because we wish we weren't so reliant on them for birthing children, and we hate the need for children instead of just being able to live alone forever.

I totally made that last part up but man it sounds like it's true. Probably is.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet, Act I, scene v

Here I disagree, I'm more of an agnostic than an athiest and I believe there is more to life than simple biological processes.

While it's important to have a scientific mind to see the world as it is, it's also important to not close ones mind believing one already knows all the facts. Einstein placed much importance on imagination and I believe the mind does transmit and recieve electromagnetic impulses which are affected by radiation, radiowaves, HAARP, and even the minute signals of others thoughts.

hey I'm not saying that you can only trust science and that nothing spiritual is real, but there is no need for any other radioactive transmission of thoughts. It might happen, but not to a very large degree. Mostly the current system works fine.

Well, we can agree to disagree.

Brace for woo-woo, Satire-Chan. It's only going to get worse. Smile

Draconis know...kook...bawwwwwwwwwww! etc. lulz fuel for you.

I have never heard of woo-woo nor kook.

I'm not into BAWWWWWWWWWWs either. I get off by having arguments.

No you don't.

Yes I do. There just aren't any good arguments here yet, but they're starting up.

No they aren't.

Draconis wrote:
Well, we can agree to disagree.

Brace for woo-woo, Satire-Chan. It's only going to get worse. Smile

You called?


cheerscheers:cheers:WHOOOO! THE CALVARY IS HERE! cheerscheers cheers

Hi Pamelot!  Very Happy

Draconis wrote:
No they aren't.

Yes they are.

And it's a fun one too.

No it isn't...

Yeah it is, I'm having a great time. You just don't like it because I'm proving one of your friends wrong. I never mind when people prove me wrong because then I don't spread false information around.

No-one can “make us feel”
anything that isn’t already present within us.

That's a GREAT article, Drac!  I've learned so much and become so much happier just from realizing that how I feel is entirely my responsibility!  Looking outside ourselves for validation and approval will almost always end up in disappointment and more blame and frustration because the other person "didn't say/do the right thing."  Once we get rid of our "hooks," it's true that we may not even notice negativity being directed toward us.

I wish SO much that'd I'd learned that when I was younger; it would've made my life SOOOO much easier and happier!

In the last few years (after finally "getting" it) people at work would sometimes ask me "have you noticed so-and-so acting this way and it's really bugging me" and I'd have to honestly say "no."  For a while, I thought it was just because I wasn't paying attention but now I think it's because that "hook" wasn't in me, so the bad stuff just flew right past.

Humans don't have energy fields.


Have you never seen a tree's aura, the "glow" outlining it? Sad (It's easiest to see at dawn and dusk.)  Everything has an aura (energy field) and it's easiest to start with trees.

I could see them when I was a little kid, then one day I made the mistake of asking my mom what the glow around the trees was.  Of course, she said "there's no glow around trees," and I figured that clearly, I was just seeing things and never saw one again, until a few years ago, when I began "waking up."

Trees have them, animals have them, even rocks have them and humans most definitely have them.

No, Satire. It's not about proving people wrong. I said you're free to argue. What you're doing is vomiting your toxic shit all over my board and ruining the vibe I have going. Yourr arrogant, small-minded, self-aggrandizing, belittling behavior is acceptable on /b/, but not here.

Okay, I have to ask......what's /b/?

Or do I not want to know about that, either?

And where's the cheese?  Confused


The home of anonymous. Alot of bad stuff is there, but it has birthed alot of internet memes.

I go there to keep tabs on what's "hot" on the net.


After I'm done making my usual rounds, maybe I'll put on my waders and peek in.  It'll raise my "hip" quotient.

Thanks. Laughing

Draconis wrote:

The home of anonymous. Alot of bad stuff is there, but it has birthed alot of internet memes.

I go there to keep tabs on what's "hot" on the net.

The "anonymous" that's behind this? Shocked

Anonymous Hackers Track Saboteur, Find and Punish the Wrong Guy - UPDATED
By Ryan Singel EmailJanuary 29, 2008 | 7:59:26 PMCategories: Hacks and Cracks  

Lawson3 Anti-Scientology agitators have repeatedly harassed and threatened violence against a 59-year-old PG&E worker and his wife, who were mistakenly flagged as pro-Scientology hackers.

John Lawson, who lives in Stockton, California with his wife Julia, began receiving threatening phone calls around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. He didn't know why until THREAT LEVEL explained that a hacking group calling itself the g00ns (goons spelled with zeros, not goons with the letter o) posted his home address, phone number and cell numbers, as well as Julia's Social Security number, online. The obscene and threatening calls have continued through Tuesday, according to Lawson.


The calls are just one small offshoot of an ongoing, larger attack on the Church of Scientology by a ragtag group of internet troublemakers who call themselves Anonymous. The group says it is targeting Scientology in part for its use of litigation to suppress unflattering documents on the internet.

Over the weekend, the g00ns thought they had caught a hacker who had busted into a server being used to help coordinate the online attacks and real world protests against Scientology.  But Lawson says the callers have the wrong guy.

"I don't even really know how to use a computer," Lawson said.

His phone just keeps ringing, Lawson said, and when he answers, callers spout vulgarities and threats and then hang up. On Monday, he got a call that seemed to originate from the Virgin Islands. The caller  threatened to kill him.

"They have got the wife really scared because they have my address," Lawson said. "I think I am going to buy me a gun today just in case."

The Stockton police came out on Sunday to take a report, and Lawson has put fraud protection alerts on his and his wife's credit reports.

Lawson wants his personal information off the internet but doesn't know who to talk to to get it down.

The address of the site with their personal information was shared in online chat rooms where members of a group called Anonymous congregate to plan attacks on the Church of Scientology. The site's URL was also submitted to Digg, where it made it to the front page.

Planning for those attacks was disrupted in the last four days by a counter-hack group calling itself the Regime. That group hacked and severely disrupted, one of the central planning facilities for the Anonymous attack.

According to an e-mail from the hacker to THREAT LEVEL, the Regime's "main objective was to obtain logs and various data including user names and passwords" and "to take down our targets in the best way possible to bring as much embarrassment/shame as we could to the offending organization."

The hacker said his group turned over the purloined data to the Church of Scientology.

Soon after, the g00ns claimed to have found out where the Regime was hacking from, and managed to obtain personal information about the Lawsons. John Lawson believes that information came from Comcast, his ISP.

A Digg commenter suggested that the g00ns tracked down an IP address used in the attack on 711chan and traced it to Lawson. If that's the case, the group overlooked the possibility that Lawson's computer or router had been compromised and was used by the real attacker as a proxy that would hide the attacker's real location.

For his part, Lawson doesn't care about the how or why, he just wants the calls to stop.

"I called three news places in Stockton just to get something out there to let them know they have the wrong guy," Lawson said.

This isn't the first time that the anti-Scientologists have hit the wrong target.

Last week, participants downloaded hacking software that accidentally targeted a school in the Netherlands, rather than a Scientology site. That misfire lasted only a few minutes, but its lesson seems not to have been learned by online vigilantes who think their righteous ends justify illegal means.

UPDATE:  10:50 PST Members of g00n tell THREAT LEVEL that they immediately took down the Lawsons' contact info after seeing this story, but emphasize that they had nothing to do with the harassing phone calls and that they have not been involved at all in the Anonymous attacks on Scientology.

They say their motivation for posting the info was to send a warning to the Regime hacker in order to help their friend at, whose website was repeatedly hacked by the Regime.

They also said that the IP address associated with the Lawsons' had been used in attacks on 711chan for four days, and then later was used to access and probe the site where the Lawsons' info was posted. They say they called the Lawsons before posting the info to verify it, and swear that the person they spoke with sounded much younger than a 59 year-old man.

They further contend that 711chan's server logs showed that the IP address was associated with a computer running the Debian flavor of Linux, which casts doubt on the theory that the attacker remotely taken over the Lawson's computer. If that were the case the OS would have been a flavor of Windows. Another possibility is that the Lawsons have a compromised wireless router.

The g00ns say its clear something isn't right in Stockton and vow to figure out who the Regime is, but blame him for leaving a trail that led to the Lawsons, rather than using some sort of proxy or anonymizing tool such as TOR.

They forwarded THREAT LEVEL a transcript of a chat between 711chan's operator and the Regime hacker, which showed the Regime hacker trying to blackmail the 711chan operator into turning over information about the g00ns, by implying that not doing so would make him turn over more information to the Church of Scientology. THREAT LEVEL has no way of verifying that transcript.

BTW, is thread drift allowed here?  Question  Embarassed

Yep. Same anonymous. the war on scientology is continuing. I am seeing alot of scientology dox on

sure! thread drift is fine. Smile

Pamelot, before you start making assumptions know that Anonymous does not function as a group. Small sects of it have been known to do things like that, but as a whole anon is harmless. Just like extremists of any religion, you can't let the group speak for the whole about something that big.


Draconis wrote:
ruining the vibe I have going.

You mean the vibe of almost total inactivity that was here until I started arguing?

Pamelot wrote:

Humans don't have energy fields.


Have you never seen a tree's aura, the "glow" outlining it? Sad (It's easiest to see at dawn and dusk.)  Everything has an aura (energy field) and it's easiest to start with trees.

I view that as light hitting the tree at the right angle so that you see some of it reflecting off of the tree. Looks cool, but doesn't really mean much. Sure it's great for symbolism, but I personally think knowing how these illusions we see are created is much more magical than just seeing them, because you know that someone designed them to work that way. It's like getting a toy train as a kid, you have fun pretending as a child, but when you get older it's fun to know how it works.

Draconis wrote:
Yep. Same anonymous. the war on scientology is continuing. I am seeing alot of scientology dox on

Wow!  While I'm no fan of Scientology, this group's tactics are reprehensible! Especially considering that in this case, they got the wrong guy! They sure don't believe in karma! Shocked

Draconis wrote:
sure! thread drift is fine. Smile

Okay, whew!  I lurk around some forums that are militant about thread drift!  I like things organized, but that really takes a lot of fun out of the whole forum experience, so I rarely bother posting on those.  (And they post occasional threads wondering why their stats are down. Rolling Eyes)

Never mind the hundreds of posts before you started, "arguing" satire-chan?

I wouldn't call your posts "contributing", just unpleasant.

Hundreds, big deal. The forum I usually visit has over 16000 posts, with 7139 of them coming from me. I've only been there about a year, and it's a relatively small but active online community. Whereas this place has a few hundred posts spread out with large gaps in between. Face it, you have a slow forum. And I have in fact spiced things up.

the only way you spiced things up is to bring a whole lot of your teenage angst which is unwelcome.

please don't do me any favors and go away.

Pamelot, before you start making assumptions know that Anonymous does not function as a group. Small sects of it have been known to do things like that, but as a whole anon is harmless. Just like extremists of any religion, you can't let the group speak for the whole about something that big.

Ah, the extremists bring on the negative attention while the rest of the group is, like Shocked.  Every group seems to have their share.

Pamelot wrote:
Humans don't have energy fields.


Have you never seen a tree's aura, the "glow" outlining it? Sad (It's easiest to see at dawn and dusk.)  Everything has an aura (energy field) and it's easiest to start with trees.

I view that as light hitting the tree at the right angle so that you see some of it reflecting off of the tree.

Cool!  That IS the aura.  It's easier to see at dawn, dusk and on rainy days when there's just not that much light to be strong enough to reflect off of anything.  If it was reflected light, it should be easier to see on a sunny day, but it's not.

As an experiment, give this a try: look at yourself in a mirror in dim light with a light background.  Let your eyes go "fuzzy" and look "past" your reflection and you'll be able to see your own aura.  The light should be too dim for it to be any sort of reflection off of you - that really is your own aura! Smile  If you have any pets, try it with them, too.

So far, all I've been able to see is a greyish outline but some people can see auras in full color.

I have heard about that, where people see color auroras. Sounds very interesting, definitely worth researching as well. But while I believe people have an aurora of reflected light, I don't personally believe in a spiritual aurora. No need for one when you look at all the ways the body can communicate mood or feelings. Tiny facial movements, pheromones, seeing which way people look when they speak, it all tells us more than an aurora could.

And concerning 4chan: There are few innocent people on the board. They are there, but yo have to look for them. However, they are not all extremists. I personally view 4chan as a place where the weaker/more downtrodden kind of people can go to feel superior to someone else for some reason. It doesn't sound very good, but think of it like this. If you've studied Freudian psychology, 4chan is like a vent that leads directly from the Id to the keyboard. It's a place where the less sociable aspects of a person can come out, thanks to the concept on Anonymous. No identity = no reputation, meaning no need to uphold a reputation. It's a way to vent stress and 'bad thoughts' safely where the only ones they (usually) harm are other anonymous, or the occasional newbie in the wrong place at the right time. It is not a friendly place, but it is not evil.


stop relying so heavily on stereotypes. Another group of people I commonly ridicule ARE the angsty teens. They think they have problems? Pah. It's just hormones and rebellion. Bunch of whiners. Besides, it's not my fault that you wouldn't recognize a REAL argument if it came up behind you and did something explicit. No, no, teenage angsts is the only way to explain this.

i've hung out on 4chan for around 3 years now, so i know how it works. explain what you believe it's all about but that's only your opinion.

And my opinion is that of a /b/tard, who knows the system well enough to have an expert opinion on the subject. Your opinion is that of a furry, which 4chan almost always attacks (and in that one case even other furries attack. That was awesome.).

Who has the better opinion:

The unwanted outsider, or the /b/tard who is actively involved in the system?

shows how much you know. I'm not a furry (as much as i wanted to be a part of the scene) and i hung out on 4chan just as long or maybe longer than you and like i said before, i was on the net longer than 4chan was around so I trump your street-cred, so shut the fuck up and go away. You're not wanted or accepted here.

Are you kidding? You have a crap comic called "coyoteville" about your anthropomorphic character who happens to be a coyote, every time you post on /b/ you use the same coyote, and your avatar on here is a dragon you drew. you are a furry

also lol, even the furfags didn't want you. how much does it suck to be unwanted by furfags?
Draconis automatically assume the worst of me...that really makes me want to open up to you and tell you my story. i have people who want me, but if you want to assume the worst of me, go right ahead. just understand that people have memories and your words and actions have consequences.

And what consequences can this have? If your comic ever (God forbid) becomes successful, are you going to say something mean about me in it?

Besides, you're totally a furry. If you say you aren't then you're just lying to yourself.

I won't give you the pleasure of a mention. you're not worthy of it.

I've enjoyed reading here.

Regards first post in topic:

Agree with much of the article quoted.
If I care nothing for a person's opinion, it does not affect me.
If I care deeply for a person, their opion matters very much and does affect me positively or negatively like the article states.

btw/ my first post in this forum

side issue:
Just checked stats at a couple of forums where I moderate and several where I don't;
Average post rate for me is under 300 posts per year, so don't expect to read/hear much from me.

It only means you'll be posting quality, not quantity. I'm happy you're here, shatoga. Forum Index -> The Outer Caverns
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