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Guy gets dragon tattoo because of dragon cloud

There are more than several times in my life I've seen dragons in the clouds. Very detailed too. Eyes, scales..the whole enchilada..

"The dragon on my arm is done in a kind of tribal style by this tat artist named Jesse, at Captain Jackís. Itís kind of a funny story though, the reason I got it.

Me and my old lady were gonna go camping at Madras and it was a long trip. We packed everything into the car and took off. As we were driving down the highway, I was in the passenger seat, watching the clouds go by.

They were all normal clouds, just clouds, you know? Until this weird one. The cloud was shaped just like a dragon. Not the whole body, but the head was exactly like a dragon, with a hole for the eye and everything.

The cloud was moving along in the same direction as the car, and as I watched it disappear, I knew I wanted a dragon tattoo.

There was something about that dragon in the sky- it was like a guardian dragon, protecting me, looking over my shoulder.

When I got back into town, I went to get the tat the very next day. I let Jesse figure out the design for the most part, but I told him that I didnít want a classical dragon, or a Chinese dragon. I wanted a shadow dragon watching over me. Forum Index -> The Dragon's Lair
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