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Government is sticking dissenters in mental institutions


Activists falsely imprisoned in the State Mental Hospitals
Sun Feb 26, 2006 23:04

American Activists are being falsely imprisoned in the State Mental Hospitals, without a Trial for life, if the Government feels like it. They are arresting Americans on asinine charges, and then say that they are incompetent, and commit them to a State run Mental Hospital. They force harmful and dangerous Drugs on them to fry their Brains and they are totally sane, with no mental problems, until they get sent to one of these Concentration Camps, for protesters and Activists or just intelligent Citizens of this Country.

It has gone way too far. President Regan signed a Bill, that prevented this atrocity, and it is being ignored. It stated that no one could be kept in a Mental Hospital against their will, unless they were a severe immediate danger to themselves or another person.

What is happening is the Courts are committing, bright, intelligent, informed American People and Activists or Protesters to the State Mental Hospitals for their Convenience, to not go to the trial, and for their pleasure, and gain. To cover-up wrongful prosecution and charges against them and the Government. To basically shut them up and stop their Organization or Activism and destroy their credibility. Also to make an example of them, to intimidate them and others and to make them plead guilty to crimes they are innocent of, or want to go to trial over, which is terrorism.

That is what is done in a Dictatorship, not in what is a so called " Free Country " that the US is calling itself. It is a lie to call the USA a " Free Country " today, because it is not any longer a " Free Country." And we need to change that, to restore our Freedom and our Rights under the US Constitution and be able to have our Rights enforced. Not by paying an Attorney Thousands of Dollars, but to have the supervision and accountability needed to make the Government police itself, and that they enforce our Rights and the Constitution and the Spirit of it.

The Constitution doesn't say, these are your rights if you are rich and can pay for them and an Attorney, but that's the way that it is, today, I'm ashamed to say.

Hitler put all of the intellectuals, Activists and Professors into Mental Hospitals when he got into power, and that's exactly what the US Government is doing today. It is the same kind of atrocity that is going on in the USA today and there should be Trials for those practicing these things, just like the Trials for the Germans for what they and Hitler did to the Jews.

The Patriot Act is behind this as far as the arrogance of the Judges, to think that it is OK to send someone to Jail without a trial, to keep them from having a Speedy Trial, even for life without Parole, never even having been convicted of any Crime. JUST BECAUSE THEY FEEL LIKE IT AND THEY CAN.

We need to stop these practices once and for all and the false imprisonment of Americans because of forced confessions, perjury and outright lies by Prosecutors and Law Enforcement. We need to restore Integrity, Decency, Honesty and Justice to the Judicial System in America today.

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Action Alert:
Final Senate Patriot Act vote tomorrow !
Call your senators now !
Although lawmakers from both sides of the aisle agree that the president has overstepped his authority, Congress is now on the brink of voting to reauthorize and expand the Patriot Act, which would make secret searches of Americans' financial and internet records more coercive and more punitive. And much more, detaining Americans with no Trial.
Please call your senators right now: the final Senate vote is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, February 28. Demand that your senators oppose Patriot Act. Forum Index -> Conspiracy News
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