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Got ma diploma today! made it to Honors society too!

Still can't draw half as decently as most furry artists, but what the hell..I'll get there eventually.



Duuuuuuuuuuude!  Nice work!  Congratulations!

By the way, Mr. Graduate, I am doing freelance Flash game development these days and slowly building up a Web site for my games (Gravitas Games), but I am still not very good at character art, so if you ever want some more paying game art work, just let me know.  I have always thought you have done great work ever since I first saw your stuff at Accolade and frankly, it would help me to be able to subcontract some of my freelance work to an artist I can trust, allowing me to finish projects more quickly and have them look better than I could do by myself.  Maybe you still have hard feelings toward meI am not sure because I never really understood why you did before, but just in case you don't, the offer is there.

Again, congratulations!

Way to go, Draco!

Sorry that I haven't been around in forever...I'm a jerk. I'm nearing the end of my semester now, which means I'm almost at finals, which means I need to mess up my sleep schedule again. This means more late late nights for me, and that means seeing more of me for you Razz

I'll probably be lurkin and postin more now

Cool for you Brian... and what a coincidence! I'm planning on doing flash games myself! Got a whole library of flash books I need to go through. Good luck with your endeavors. You always were good with business.

Anon: Cool! It'll be good to hook up again. I'm starting out my Bachelors in Game Design now and they're giving me a part-time schedule so it's a little easier time wise to start working on my own plans. Still need to work on some mental blocks though, but I'll get through them.


If I were truly good with business, I would probably not be poor and in debt in my thirties, but thank you for the kind words.  I have learned a lot over the years, including from my mistakes, so hopefully I am better with business now than I was several years ago.  Smile

You will be great at Flash games!  Are you still into programming and music or are you focused on the visual arts now?

For Flash development, check out the Friends of Ed books.  They tend to be shorter and more to the point than a lot of other books out there and also well illustrated.


That degree commemorates hard fought effort to actually learn something.

Hopefully it also will increase your earnings.

Congratulations on you achievement Draconis.

Well, you're still better off than me, right now, Brian. Trust me. Razz Things will get better for both of us soon, though.

Thank you very much, Shatoga!

Thanks, Afevis!

Any chance of you making /b/ threads again? >_>;;

Anon wrote:
Any chance of you making /b/ threads again? >_>;;

It's kind of depressing to see the auto spam bots in his threads, although I find the WH40k shit humorous.
And Draconis, is your inbox showing empty?

I'm currently banned for a week at /b/. reason: "banning a furry". lol.

I should be back on in a couple days. In the meantime, I exploded in a bit of furry drama over at free-chan, but it seemed certain monkeys hopped on my back again. No way I can prove it, but I said what needed to be said.

Offering: I usually get an email and a popup saying I've got a pm, but nothing yet...I'll check right now anyway.

Offering: Just replied. Sorry about that!

Well we had kind of a fun thread last night. An entire thread devoted to Lucario, and I still managed to avatarfag a bit :3 It was a lot of fun

You wouldn't have a screencap would you?

Nope, sorry >_>;

Damn! Maybe next time then...

Maybe . . .

Draconis wrote:
Well, you're still better off than me, right now, Brian. Trust me. Razz

Maybe, but I just lost my main client and I don't have enough money to pay this month's rent, so I don't feel very well off at the moment.

Draconis wrote:
Things will get better for both of us soon, though.

I sure hope so!

bout damn time drac, now you cant uses the "classes" excuse :p

so, nonamechan would love to have you back, you might even be able to find your old thread!

Also, If the /b/ threads started back up, I'd love to join back in.

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