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GameBoy Advance Thread

GPsP is a gameboy advance emulator for the gp2X. It runs most games at near full speed now.

Current version is 09-2xb_3:

Notaz has brought a new version of gpSP the best Game Boy Advance emulator that there is no doubt for the GP2x.

Changes to the version gpSP 09-2xb_3:
Removed setting of RAM and overclocking.
Improved control system volume.
Removed options graphs unique to the PSP.
Help Text adjusted.
Now you can overclockear from the menu. By default runs 200MHz.
Corrected error centering first run.
The scaling 3:2 now functioning properly.
Recompilado options profiling gcc.

As of yet, it hasn't appeared in the gp2x file archive but should soon.

Here's a rapidshare mirror Forum Index -> GP2X
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