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Game Design: Open Source Character Project

While reading todays game design reading assignment, an idea occured to start a project tentatively called The Open-Source-Character/Avatar project.

It would essentially be a file format containing information on a players avatar which can be used in any kind of game that would support it.

Imagine a set of data files that would contain a 2d picture, a 3d model/avatar, and then all the stats for the player. This would open the door to a whole new realm of gameplay and player history features. This would allow a player to create a character which would have a history of going through many games and cross-gaming skillsets. Imagine using the skills gained in a 2d sidescrolling beat-em-up in a first person shooter when one runs out of bullets, for example. Or...Imagine bringing your favorite world of warcraft character like a taurine or troll into Mass-Effect with minimal or no loss of experience, this would also create some interesting cross-genre ideas which companies or people could create missions that span 2 or more games.

Of course there are many skills that won't cross over easily or at all, but the information will be there.

This will also benefit the player since they don't have to lose their character after working so hard to build them up and put them in a new environment. Forum Index -> Blog
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