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FBI murders elderly independence leader at his home in PRico

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> >FBI murders elderly independence leader at his home in Puerto Rico
> >Witnesses claim 300 feds did not come to execute a warrant-they came to
> >execute a man
> >Three hundred agents with sharp shooters surround an old man wearing a
> >pacemaker, then swarm his farmhouse, shooting a barrage of bullets and
> >leaving him to die on the floor in a pool of blood without calling for
> >medical help. These are the reports coming from the island, made by
> >eye-witnesses, but not reported here by the doddling and inept American
> >press, again covering up for our ruthless government agencies.
> >by Greg Szymanski
> >More than 300 armed FBI agents and 20 sniper-sharp shooters last Friday
> >opened fire on 72-year-old Puerto Rican independence leader Filiberto Ojeda
> >Rios, leaving him to bleed to death, according to eye-witnesses and autopsy
> >reports.
> >But as expected, the doodling, inept and unscrupulous American press
> >inexcusably failed the American people once again, remaining strangely
> >silent on the story. And while a few accounts did dribble out, these
> >one-sided FBI versions only contained inaccurate and censored facts about
> >the bloody shootout
> >But in the silent background the victim's wife and several close friends
> >reveal the untold story, telling a completely different version about how
> >ruthless FBI thugs pulled off what amounts to another Waco or Ruby Ridge
> >style massacre on Rios, a well-known leader and founder of the Macheteros
> >or Peoples' Independence Army.
> >Rios' wife, Elma Barbosa, who emerged from the house after the incident
> >while her husband remained dying and bloody on the floor, told island
> >officials the FBI opened fire first then allowed her elderly husband to
> >bleed to death. Barbosa, who is openly calling for justice against her
> >husband's FBI murderers, was arrested, spent the night in jail but was
> >released without charges the following day.
> >Rios, who had a severe heart condition and appeared to be no immediate
> >threat to the more than 300 agents assembled, was also strangely murdered
> >during the Grito de Lares, which is the Sept 23rd annual celebration of the
> >island's independence movement.
> >"This is all too strange and getting way out of hand. The FBI claims he
> >shot first, but reports from my home country, including those from
> >Filerberto's wife and friends who witnessed the incident claim the FBI
> >definitely opened fire on him," said Guillermo Beytagh Maldonado, a native
> >of Puerto Rico and leader of the Puerto Rican independence movement in New
> >Jersey.
> >A Cornell University graduate with a master's degree, Maldonado said, from
> >his New Jersey residence, that he has been receiving numerous inside
> >reports from friends and contacts in his home country, all saying the FBI
> >murdered Rios in cold blood as officials traced at least 120 FBI bullet
> >holes left at the gruesome farmhouse murder scene.
> >"Everybody in Puerto Rico and all of us here are pissed off, including the
> >governor of my home country," added Maldonado, who recently resigned as
> >Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Action Social Services Board.
> >"The FBI agents let him die. Evidently, their tactic was not to let anybody
> >intervene so that Rios would die. The autopsy of the Puerto Rican Forensic
> >Science Institute confirmed he died from a bullet wound following a shot to
> >the collarbone that penetrated his lung and that he eventually died due to
> >a lack of medical attention."
> >Maldonado also said widespread FBI criticism is being leveled across the
> >board by his fellow countrymen, saying agents cordoned off the farmhouse
> >where Rios was located for more than 24 hours before swarming in on the old
> >man without even allowing friends or mediators to enter in order to
> >negotiate a peaceful solution.
> >"They wanted him out. This is so bad, so incredible and is just like Waco,"
> >said Maldonado, who claims he is not anti-American just anti-colonialism.
> >"It's just not working anymore and I've always felt we should be a free
> >country ever since being invaded by the U.S. in 1898. I know I am still in
> >the minority, but look what these ruthless agents did to Rios
> >"I think Bush may have been behind it. Everyone knows how he and his FBI
> >agents cannot be trusted to work in the best interests of the people."
> >Rios, a musician who supposedly taught the famed trumpet player Arturo
> >Sandoval of Cuba how to play, was killed in a farmhouse in the northern
> >part of Hormigueros, Puerto Rico, after being a fugitive for more than 15
> >years on what has been called trumped up and bogus theft charges.
> >The charges of theft supposedly were brought on as a government set-up and
> >retribution for being found not guilty of what turned out to be a self
> >defense killing of a Navy enlisted man in the 1980s.
> >After being forced to wear an ankle bracelet due to the theft charge, Rios
> >in a display of opposition ripped off the electronic shackle on the steps
> >of a well-known Puerto Rico newspaper, then fled to parts unknown for
> >almost 15 years until his untimely death Friday.
> >"I have been closely following the story since it happened Friday and let
> >me tell you the whole thing makes me sick," said Maldonado. "I talk to a
> >lot of people here and in my country where I was born and raised and
> >everybody is furious over what happened.
> >"I have looked very hard and the American press is not telling the story.
> >Nothing is going out here but a few words about the incident, all of which
> >are slanted towards favoring what the FBI did."
> >Maldonado said Rios was laid to rest in Puerto Rico Tuesday and followers
> >of his independent cause in New Jersey held a vigil service at the Suydam
> >Street Reform Church in his honor on the same day.
> >He added that plans are also in the works for a local rally to bring
> >attention to the FBI massacre and killing of Rios as well as drawing
> >attention to the growing problem in Puerto Rico over the issue of
> >independence, statehood or continued U.S. colonization.
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