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AlienShift.Com -
ALIENSHIFT, Aliens , UFO, Pole Shift, MARS, Paranormal, News, Extraterrestrial
Alienshift is about Aliens and ET Human helping us during and after Pole Shift of 2012 as we all shift to 4th density in the new age of Aquarius.

It talks about Alientology, UFOLOGY, the Federation of planets and why Aliens and space humans are visiting us at this time more than ever before.

Alienshift looks at the evidence of UFO Videos, Alien Races & their Contact notes.
It talks about Jesus, Bible code, Quran and coming events regarding return of Imam Mahdi at the time of Anti Christ, the Pole Shift and how all these events are connected to each other.

Alienshift is about Mars Aliens and current Shadow Matrix bases in MARS in relation to the Alternative 3 and Shadow GOV.

It talks about projects like: Montauk, Philadelphia, HARRP and Time Travel.

The location of the Stargates in the earth.
Earth being Hollow and the Alien Races living in the Hollow Earth.

It shows positive and negative Aliens and their missions in the Earth with relation to the Federation of Planets watching over coming Earth changes in the pole shift.

There are several Realities in the realm of existence one is the Superficial Reality that we all live on and the True Pure Reality that Aliens live in which is on a different level the 4th Dimension.
So stop day dreaming so much in your Superficial Life and tune to your True Self which is the Essence of the Universe.

Alienshift will lead you to this reality as long as you train your mind thru the shift the Alienshift!
This web site is a Living Oracle has many wormholes and stargates.
It is a road map to many Civilizations around the Universe.
We hope you enjoy reading all 50 pages and well over 6000 links to other pages.
Please Cherish this information super highway to the stars and tell all your friends about it.
At the end we would like to thank all Scientific offices of Federal Agencies and Shadow groups for not removing these pages and allowing our readers to learn more about Universe and Life.

With Pure Love for All,

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