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A cynic's view

About two years ago I read about someone named aussie bloke on
I found it intriguing enough to look deeper into the matter. From there it lead me
Surfing The Apocolypse and from there to Godlikeproductions. Where I learned
that this wasn't the first time claims of death from space had happened.

There were several others that had claimed killer asteriods were going to impact the
earth. Naturally none of these dire predictions came true.

Now, once again I find we are under the "threat" of imminent doom. This time from
a comet that has fragmented and the fragments are headed our way...
In fact there is supposed to be a major strike in the Atlantic ocean the twenty-fifth.
Which in turn is supposed to cause a massive 200 meter tsunami that is supposed to
wipe out many coastal regions including all of the US east coast.

Am I saying it is utterly impossible? No. However, I have become more than a little
jaded in such matters.

I have read quite a bit about the topic and quite frankly I am seeing the same hype as
every time before when people's woo-woo meters went into the red zone. I would think
that after a few times people might be a trifle more cynical about such things...

Some people continue to use the argument that it must be real because the major
media has remained silent about it. Maybe so but why would they wish to risk their
credibility and cause a mass panic? Some would argue that the people have the
right to know. Yes, the people have the right to know about such matters but
on the word of a former air traffic controller? Only recently a former Space Camp
Instructor confirmed he made a prediction about a tsunami on or around the
twenty-fifth. Why only recently? Why hasn't he been screaming his head off
since he first learned of the possibility? What gives either of them the credibility
to make such claims?

You may be asking yourself, what the hell is his problem? My problem is this, Too
many people do not stop and think about the recent past and think for a moment
and see a possible pattern. It seems like for the last two years, or more, I have
seen the same thing time and again. If anything, I'm surprised none of this made
it's way into the tabloids next to an article about a two headed alien offspring of
Elvis Presley!

One of the turning points that turned me from a young and naive gullible sheeple to the old and cynical bastard you know today was the big hullaballoo that the christians made back in the late 90's about the end of the world and rapture and had a good amount of people that yes...this was it. The world was going to end so get your panic sex in order unless you were which case just stay in your constant state of worry and fear since that was what you were used to anyway.

Can an asteroid hit the earth? I have no doubts that the possibility exists. Will it happen in our lifetimes? If it does,then I'm sure we could spare a few "nucular" warheads and blow it up or figure some other brilliant plan but I agree, the end of the world is way overhyped. Smile

Yes, I remember back in the late 80's when I was in college...

Some preacher had claimed the world was going to be destroyed
or some such foolishness. i was in an English class as I recall it at
the appointed time for the world's end.


I looked down at my wristwatch and noticed that his appointed
time had past be at least 15 minutes. Laughing

I still pay heed to such things because you never know when
they will finally nail one down but I have grown cynical enough
not to go all WooWoo and freak out.

I suppose an EOTWAWKI is right twice a millenium.
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