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071127_troll for anon

I don't think I'm allowed to post prawns here so have a possibly still offensive a-sexual troll.

I couldn't finish it before bedtime so I'll probably catch alot of shit when I start on it tomorrow night. Fuck'em.


lol cool
Although I do have to admit, I liked the incredibly angular and skinny version before the retrace more (like that other anon)
I'm definitely not complaining though Very Happy Very Happy
Keep up the good work

Noted...I'll see what I can do.

Oh, please don't alter your drawings like that; draw whatever you feel!! Don't let me influence you in the least, please. I have no talent, and in my eyes, your interpretation is worth much more than mine.

I wish I did have talent though, and that I could submit some sort of art to this board :/ I feel selfish looking at all of your art and not providing any of my own. Sorry. Forum Index -> Open Gallery
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