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060124 - Color Theory project and apologies

Sorry I haven't been updating much. For whatever reason I can't get my act together. I'm scatterbrained, that's all there is to it. I guess I'll make it a goal to be more organized this year.

Anyway, I do update my stumbleupon blog almost daily, but it's mostly interesting links and stuff. If you haven't used stumbleupon yet, I highly recommend it. Every website you visit, you can rate a thumbs up or down and give a short review, and it will update your blog automatically. It's pretty neat. My stumbleupon address is

Here's my latest art piece for color theory. The project was to come up with a 24 step functional color wheel. This one has the primaries as large gems and secondaries as smaller gems and tertiaries as tibetan-like fire symbols. Forum Index -> Blog
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