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051004 - School is cool!

Only one class right now, Intro to Computers...Pffft...Easy A.

At the moment, I'm having trouble coming up with jokes for the webcomic, I'm not going to stress over it though...Primary is doing more illustration, cartooning, 3d, and a smidge of flash and game design. I need to do other things before I pidgeonhole myself into doing just one thing.

Do you need a copy of Flash? (Original, *NOT* Pirated)

Do you need a copy of Flash? (Original, *NOT* Pirated) I am getting Flash 8 for work, so I would be happy to pass on my academic version of Flash MX 2004 to another student.

Of course, there is the small issue that you dislike me, but I could send the software in an unmarked envelope and not reveal my name.

Give it to Scott. You two get along better anyway.


I think you could put it to better use right now, being an art student and all. Forum Index -> Blog
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