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050902 - starting on sketches

For the most part, all the paperwork is done for signing up to the Art Institute..Today I just finished getting both High School and College transcripts ent via snailmail. Right now, I'm working on some sketches that I'm going to be sending in this weekend.

I've been assured that things would work out in terms of financing either by grant or loan or most likely both. I'm also going to start orientation this weekend too so it looks like I'm in one way or another. Yay!

As I've just started the sketching process again after a while, I'm a bit rusty (alot) but I'm sure things may improve over the weekend as I'm going to be concentrating on solely on figure drawing this weekend to get some decent sketches sent..

Here are the first couple I've started on...the first one is utter shite, but the second one looks promising.

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