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050901 - Applying to the Art Institute Online

I've been spending the last few days getting the paperwork going for financial aid and getting registered for classes at the art intitute starting in october.

The only thing left for me to do now is to come up with 5 or more sketches of human anatomy where they will be judging on realism. crap. Though my goal is to get good at realism, I'm not quite there yet but I'm going to try my best and cross my fingers it's acceptable though I have some doubts as to my abilities and experience. I said I would get it done today but I've been futzing around too much avoiding the work.

Worse case scenario, I get a ba in art and then move to game art, which is something I should probably do (and wanted to do for years) anyway.

Good luck!

Imaging Rob Schneider's Mexican character voice: "You can dooo eeet!"

Correction: "Imaging" was supposed to be "Imagine", of course. Oops. Forum Index -> Blog
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