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050826 -[3DS MAX] Fyodor's coming along nicely....

I just spent the entire morning and afternoon working on this bad boy and am wondering to myself, should it be taking this long? I mean after all, it's a simple toon character that I'm sure more experienced modelers can churn out in an hour or less...probably...

Oh well, better late than never...experiencewise...

After starting the legs over, and over, and over again, I *finally* solved the issue of why I couldn't model them directly from the drawing. The legs are angled at around 45 degrees apart, so the solution was to model them as if they were heading straight down like normal legs and voila! some nice looking legs which I was able to rotate the necessary angle *after* I had a semi-decent looking model...I also had to redo the lower torso and I will be working down there as well to get a decent looking butt area because the tail, though connected well, needs improvement..

At this point, I think it's close to done...all it needs now is major tweaking and of course, a better looking head.
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