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050825 - Massive Goldfish die-off and focus on 3ds max

Out of a total of 7 goldfish, I've had 4 die on me in 2 days. I have no idea what happened or why this would happen. They just started to swim and float upside down and the next day..dead. I tried changing the water and putting in some ick-away to see if that helps but no dice...I'm confounded.

I'm still putting all of my main focus on learning 3ds max. I've learned alot but there's still more to go. My goal for max is to learn organic modelling and animation so I can work in the game industry again and do some 3d shorts.

I've kind of given up on the CoyoteVille webcomic for now. There's far too much pain associated with it for reasons I won't go into just now.

Instead, I would like to focus on the future and improve my own drawing and art skills and maybe learn how to write a story or two on the side.


Well, it looks like we're down to one goldfish...and he's mighty healthy so logic dictates that this little fucker killed off 6 of his brothers! WTF???? They were nice goldfish too...the kind with the poofy eyes and a big round belleh! (belly).

I was wondering why the fish were hiding behind the waterfilter...

Nope..check that. He's dead too.
Now the only fish left are the placostamouses which seem entirely is a puzzlement... Forum Index -> Blog
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